We will be happy to work with many companies, NGOs, and creative communities. These are the criteria we will apply to be able to work with you:

// Authenticity // Innovative // Artistic // Experimental

/ Visual Branding.

Animation filmmaking is like creating a world from scratch.  Therefore we are familiar with visual development processes of building characters, colors, and many elements of visual arts, as effective tools to communicate ideas with the public.

Visual branding, is a process that we did to all our films and applied to some other kind of campaigns.

/ Filmmaking.

Filmmaking is our medium as creators, to address things, to deliver our voice, and empower the ‘voiceless’ to have their voices heard. 

Most of the films we produced are our originals and self-initiated projects. 

We are known for exploring various animation techniques and mediums with our films. 

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Our Clients :