// Projects.

Some animation projects that we have been working on all this time. Part of the project is an initiative of its own, while the other part is collaboration with several colleagues.


Directed by:

Chonie Prysilia & Hizkia Subiyantoro

Animated Documentary

2D Mixed Animation

77 Minutes



KOSONG is a feature animated documentary about childless marriage, in Java Island (Indonesia), through memories and voices of five women who live in it.

As a film, it won a Special Mention in Feature Documentary from Festival Film Dokumenter in 2020.

Lost in Sekaten

Directed by:

Hizkia Subiyantoro

Short Animation

2.5 D Animation (Hybrid)

22 Minutes



A child’s adventure to a dream world of games.

In 2019 the film project won a film funding from Dinas Kebudayaan Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 

In 2020 by MAYA Award the film was selected as a nominee in best short animation film category.

Roda Pantura

(A North Coast Road)

Directed by

Hizkia Subiyantoro

Short Animation

2D Digital Animation

18 Minutes (2016)


The story of a poor truck driver who struggles to support his family during the economic crisis.

The film was an ‘Official Selection’ of Internationales Trickfilm Festival of Stuttgart  2017 in Germany and have been screened in eight other countries ever since